Lots of light still from my Hobit Hole lodging 

I just looked out the window from my very small accommodations and noticed at 8:45 pm it is still plenty light out. My room literally is the size of a prison cell. Nothing wrong with it mind you. Cozy as heck I think. 


Touched fruit in Canada? 

Looking at this banana this morning reminded me of touched fruit. Well that was what Grandma Rossman called fruit that showed signs of aging. That’s the goods she always bought as they were less expensive. Well I followed in that tradition and purchased 2 bags of it for $1.00 each. Each bag had 2 bananas and 3 oranges. Such a Rossman deal. 


Changing scenery 

Hoping today brings a wanted change from the flat lands I have encountered since North Dakota. 

Really looking for mountains and well you know, classic text book wild streams and ragged cliffs with bear roaming around stuff you always liken to the wildernes. 


My hotel bill had a fee of $2.00 for an Eco-stay. I asked what that was for and the front desk clerk said it was a hotel fee for being environmentally friendly.

I wasn’t feeling so friendly so I had it promptly removed. 

Funny or slow on my part 

A man in the parking lot remarked on how warm it was out this morning. I sad yes and commented 50°. I then proceeded to asked him what that was in “Canadian”.

Of course I meant “Celsius”. It was early so I gather I was entitled to that questionable question.