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The grand prize. A GRIZZLY bear 

Rarer than rare and the highlight of the animal world for me. About 25′ from the car and could care less I was there. I watched for a long time and got a great video. 

Long claws digging the ground. A huge hump on its back which confirm is identity. 



Those Swan I’ve been seeing. The big white ones. This morning I heard a couple and it struck me. He that sounds like trumpet. Maybe Trumpeter Swans they are.

The heaviest living bird native to North America with a wing span of up to 10′. Yes “feet” that is. Astonishing I think.

Pictures coming sometime

Up here in the Yukon the Internet is slow. As a result I cannot post any more photos until I reach civilization again. 

Obviously text works fine but photos consume to much bandwidth. 

That said. I do have a really great photo. I saw what I never imagined I would and it’s not Bigfoot. 

I shall remain here for a couple days as it is super restful / peaceful and that is a good thing. 

Until then enjoy!